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Trademark Frequently Asked Questions

Trademark watching, oppositions and monitoring

What is Trademark watching?

A watching service looks for newly applied for marks that are the same or similar to your registered trademark for the same or similar goods/services company. So you can oppose their registration and protect your IP rights.

Why do I need to watch my trademark?

Trademark watching is necesary so as to oppose new trademark filings that are too similar to yours and will erode your trademark rights and the value of your trademark. Watching services can do this for you and tell you of newly filed trademarks that are similar.

What should I do if there’s a trademark too similar to mine?

If you find a too similar trademark has been applied for there is an opposition process. This begins with the applicsnt of the too similar trademark being told there is the intention to oppose their application on the basis of similarity and giving them the opportunity to withdraw it. If they do not withdraw then a formal opposition process begins requiring the submission of legal arguments by both sides for an examiner to then consider. As this is a legal process the advice and services of an attorney or IP lawyer is necessary.

How much does trademark watching cost?

The cost of trademark watching services varies between registries and watch service providers. Users of TMDNet are able to opt into our excellent value watching services powered by LawPanel.

What is Trademark Monitoring?

Trademark monitoring of ecommerce and social media sites allows brand owners to identify infringment, mis-use and criticism of their brands. It also helps detect counterfeiting. There are specialist services that monitor online and alter brand owners who subscribe. Sometime monitoring is used as an alternative term to trademark watching but increasingly the distinction is drawn.