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Trademark Frequently Asked Questions

How to sell or transfer ownership of a trademark

Can I sell my trademark?

Yes trademarks can be sold just as any asset of a company can be sold. Sale requires preparation of a deed of assignment by a trademark attorney or lawyer, as well as completion of a registry form to change the registered owner of the trademark.

How can I transfer my ownership of a trademark

Transfer of the ownership of a trademark requires a trademark attorney pr lawyer to draft a deed of assignment.

What is a trademark assignment?

A trademark assignment is a legal document that transfers the legal ownership of a trademark to a new owner.

When do I need to file a trademark assignment?

A trademark assignment must be filed when a trademark is transferred to a new owner.

Do I need to record an assignment if I sell my company?

Yes, if you sell your company and the terms of sale include the company’s trademark’s these must be assigned to he new owner.